Excel Exhibition Centre conversion to 500-bed hospital imminent

The Excel exhibition centre in the Royal Docks is to become a temporary hospital housing 500 patients.

Work will begin imminently to convert the venue as local hospitals see increased admissions relating to Covid-19. Capacity could increase to 4,000.

The project follows similar conversions seen in nations with large growth in coronavirus cases.

The military are believed to be assisting with conversion work when work commences and are looking at other sites across London and the country for similar projects.


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9 thoughts on “Excel Exhibition Centre conversion to 500-bed hospital imminent

  • How about Buckingham Palace? I hear its regular occupants have managed to beat the travelling ban and have already vamoosed to one of their impregnable castles in the countryside. It would seem to be an ideal venue – plenty of private rooms to minimise infection, lifts to manoeuvre trolleys around, lots of corridors in which to leave old people should the funding be as measly as it has been for the NHS during the last decade. Just a thought.

  • With Covid-19 continuing to rise with over 8000 cases offically confirmed in the UK with a majority in London. Many many more could have the Coronavirus with no or very mild symptoms and as yet not been officially confirmed

    This temporary Hospiital at the Ex-Cel Centre is very much welcomed and urgently needed.

    I personally would like to thank our Doctors, Nurses,, Paramedics, Carers, Health Care Assistants, Carers and all staff working in the NHS in Hospitals, Care Homes, GP Surgeried and Health Centres and visiting people at home. Along with those coming out of retirement to support the NHS.

    I would also like to give my sincere thanks to the Armed Forces who are helping to deliver food parcels ,building emergency Hospitals etc.

    Finally very special thanks to our retail staff working in supermarkets to keep the shelves stacked to provide food to people. Pleae respect our supermarket staff who are doing a good job in very difficult circumstances.

  • Well said CDT.

    There are a lot of people who are out doing their absolute best to keep our Country going and feed on a daily basis.

    Each and everyone one of them deserves the upmost respect whatever job they are doing. Many are putting their own health and lives at risk to help others through the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Especially those working in supermarkets who are not provided with protective equipment so are at higher risk fom the public.

    I would like to remind people again to buy only what they need for their mormal weekly shop then there will be enough food to go around for everyone. Also please do not buy from supermarkets to sell in your own shops and often for a profit.

    To the people who are saying the food shortage on the shelves in supermarkets is down to Brexit please read the papers and watch the news on TV to see what is going on in this Country and around the workd. China and the USA to name only two are not and never had been in Europe but are still seriously affected by the Coronavirus.

    Well all need to be sensible and listen to advice to get through this,

    • Also agreed!
      I’m annoyed at all the people who are taking advantage of the situation, whether it’s the democrats in the USA, shops inflating their prices, people hording and some politicians and media.
      I had had switched on LBC only to hear James O’Brien’s monolugue mocking and condasending Brexit voters about how having blue passports will keep us safe from the coronovirus! Not sure why he would bring that up at this time, as nobody has made such a claim!

  • ** Normal weekly shop** **round the world** Please keep safe out there.

  • If they get to anywhere close to 4000 beds that would make it by far the largest hospital the country. Hopefully it won’t be needed…

  • Let’s hope so Plumstead Resident. It does show however, that London does need far more amenities including Hospital, GP Surgeries, Health Centres, Public Transport etc. to cope with an ever growing population.in London.

  • Sadly virus like the Coronavirus will spread like wildfire fire through high density over populated areas like London.

    So absolutely agree that we need more amenties including Hospitals, GP Surgeries Health Centres and even supermarkets to cope with the ever growing demand.

    Plumstead Resident I too really hope we do not get to the stage where the 4000 beds for coronavirus will be needed at the temporary Hospital at the ex-Cel Centre.

  • I also agree. London as are other major cities in the UK are struggling to cope with an ever growing population which is putting a real strain on our NHS and public services during the current coronavirus crisis.

    Thank you to everyone who is working flat out in the NHS and Armed Forces and to everyone working 24/7 to keep the Country going during the current coronavirus ciriss in whatever job you do. Be it driving a bus tube or train, working in a supermarket or in the production of food and manufacturing of equipment,


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