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London City Airport expansion plans revealed

New airport entrance is being built

London City Airport have revealed further images showing their plans for expansion. The £400 million scheme will see 32,000 extra flights. Passenger numbers will increase from 4.3 million in 2015 to 6.5 million in 2025.

A new entrance and hotel are part of plans. The main terminal is being shifted east. It may well be easier for some coming from Woolwich to depart the DLR at King George V station.

Boris Johnson refused to approve the expansion when Mayor, favouring his “Boris Island” scheme in Kent. Current Mayor Sadiq Khan approved the expansion on day one despite his opposition to Heathrow expansion.

There will be no additional DLR trains or carriages for at least five years.

There’s a huge amount of development currently underway along the Woolwich branch from Canning Town, which was recently covered here.

Crossrail is expected to pick up the slack in the meantime for increased passengers along this stretch. City Airport have been calling for an additional airport station. Given TfL’s finances this seems a very long shot.

Construction of the airport expansion is likely to begin in early 2018.


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