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Royal Docks

Deanston Wharf plan approved for Royal Docks

Newly approved flats at Deanston seen from West Silvertown DLR station.

A plan for nearly 800 new homes beside the 3,400-home Royal Wharf scheme at the Royal Docks has been approved by Newham Council.

TfL had previously raised objections in 2017 given the DLR line from Woolwich Arsenal to canning Town is already running over capacity.  Since then Crossrail has been delayed – probably until 2021 – placing relief further down the line.

Facing Lyle Park

Back in 2017 TfL stated:

“Capacity is currently running at 110% at peak times and this is expected
to increase to 125% prior to the opening of the Elizabeth line in December 2018.
There is expected to be some slight relief as a result of the introduction of these
services, however we are still estimating that with all the consented development
(including this site) that future demand will reach around 140% of existing capacity.”

A Freedom of Information request revealed that passenger journey numbers at Pontoon Dock have risen by around 300% since 2017 from 70,000 a day to over 200,000.

View from Thames

New trains are coming to the DLR but are not due to arrive until 2023 with full service enhancement due in 2024 according to documents.

TfL had sought a “Grampian” condition which prevents building until service enhancements are in place, yet the decision makes no reference to one.

Affordable Housing is set at 24% (50% Affordable Rent, 50% Intermediate). 261 car parking spaces will be provided.


  1. Mike Jones

    Wow, I lived there in 2007/8 and it was like a ghost town, DLR was always empty. Only feels like yesterday but its a world apart now.

  2. Good the architects spent time on the unique and aesthetically pleasing design.

    • tony g

      Hahaha its funny when you click on your name it goes through to a ‘royal docks website’…impartial much?

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