Kidbrooke building site = no social distancing: Impact of little aid for self-employed?

Staff working at a building site in Kidbrooke have been photographed at work this morning with no social distancing in place.

Many in the construction industry are self-employed and saw minimal measures announced last week by the Chancellor thus forcing many to continue working. While employees will now receive 80 per cent wages up to £2,500 per month while self employed people will receive £376 per month. Employees are not means-tested while the self-employed will be – and any savings (for example amounts saved for future self-assessed tax payments – even if deferred) can further reduce payments.

Construction work appears to continue

It also raises questions of employers such as Berkeley Homes and contractors who are building thousands of homes. Supermarkets workers of course are seeing thousands of people per day with no protection, so should those in the building trade be expected to work?

Then again you could say even if working should common sense ensure people do not congregate, assuming they have the choice?

This new reality is raising so many issues with no easy answers.




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3 thoughts on “Kidbrooke building site = no social distancing: Impact of little aid for self-employed?

  • There’s huge ugly gaps in the government plans that are seeing a lot of hardworking people fall through the cracks. Podiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and such are all self-employed and while in a better position to provide safe environs, don’t have the luxury of NHS contracts. I know at least podiatrists are classified as key workers as they’re often dealing with vulnerable or at-risk patients. Unfortunately they’re not entitled to any assistance and must either risk seeing patients or having to close up shop without any kind of rates help or loan freeze.

    As for the builders, it’s up to them to put food on their families plates so they’ll work until they’re told not to. My ire is reserved for the families who decide to take their kids to the park and insist on dining out as if nothing is wrong

  • Totally agree, They will take no notice until one of them falls ill with the virus than it will be everyone else’s fault. You may not have the coronavirus symptons yourself but could still be carrying the virus and passing it on to others,

    All people must take social distancing very seriously or the coronavirus will continue to spread at a rapid rate. Please be senisble and keep yourselves and others safe.

  • With regard to the self employed. Your so right Charles more must be done to help all self employed people through the coronavirus crisis whatever service they provide or industry they are working in.

    As they all have rent and bills to pay just like anyone else.


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