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All Greenwich borough libraries to close tonight until further notice

Greenwich Centre on left

Greenwich library operator GLL have announced the closure of all libraries from tonight until further notice.

All items on loan will be renewed until 18th April.

Greenwich Council yesterday asked people to avoid the Woolwich Centre, which also houses the library, unless its an emergency to allow staff to help the vulnerable.


  1. CDT

    It does make sense to close pubs, restaurants, clubs, theatres and gyms etc if we are to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus in London and indeed the Borough.

    More people are going in to self isolation and adhere to social distancing as numbers of people contracting the virus continues to rise in the capital.

    People must take this virus seriously even if they seem to be presenting fit and well in themselves.

  2. EthicsGradient

    I went out twice the last week in Greenwich town centre, including this afternoon, and at most I’ve seen only 20% of people taking any care to social distance. It’s like playing ‘dodge the human’ and quite stress inducing. The one time I politely asked someone to keep distance, they verbally abused me whilst they simultaneously holding a conversation on their iPhone; not doubt that, and their fragile sense of self worth was more important than infecting themselves or others…

    Social distancing is not working, it was an incredibly bad decision by Boris not to close pubs, cafes, libraries and all else much earlier.

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