Blackheath pub saved after demolition plans refused

Plans to demolish a pub and cafe beside the Sun in the Sands roundabout in Blackheath have been squashed after planning permission was refused, alongside a subsequent appeal. Developers are now applying to retain the building and build flats to the rear.

I covered plans to demolish the attractive pub building back in 2017. The building dates from 1745 and gives the adjacent roundabout its name.

2017 plans

That was rejected and so the landowner tried again with this:

Also rejected

This was also rejected by Greenwich Council as well as a subsequent appeal. The developer has now accepted the pub will stay and is looking to build seven flats behind the pub.

The plan states :

“The comments of the Dismissed appeal Notice of 19th December 2018, reference: APP/E5330/W/17/3184117, were taken into consideration as well.

The new scheme maintains the main existing building and proposes a well-designed rear extension that combines elements of the conservation area with a contemporary design, in order to provide high quality habitable spaces, while it maintains the commercial use of the ground floor.”

Click here to view plans.




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9 thoughts on “Blackheath pub saved after demolition plans refused

  • This 1745 Pub, Cafe and Tyre Shop are a blot on the corner of Shooters Hill Road. They need to be demolished or the properties need complete refurbishment!!!

  • Nothing wrong with the tyre shop but the pub & cafe does need money spent of freshen up the building.
    It does seem neglected (maybe on purpose so it makes it easier to pass planning permission for redevelopment).
    Probably not the best location for lots of flats in my opinion!

  • I agree now that the pub and cafe are to remain as part of any future development on this site.

    Then money does need to be spent to fully refurbish the pub and cafe both internally and externally while trying to maintain the character of the Sun In The Sands pub.

    I thought the pub was originally going to close due to dwindling customer numbers like many other pubs in the Borough. I am guessing this as now changed ?

  • Everytime i walk past the Sun in the Sands pub, it’s either closed and it has a not a lot of drinkers (maybe i’m wlking past at the wrong times)!

  • It may well have no future as a pub but the building could find a new use and be refurbished.

  • Perhaps a rare example of the planning committee stiffening its backbone.

    If the pub is not viable, I don’t see how any retail business is going to make a success of this location. Further, there are lots of empty retail units all over Greenwich. The way forward for the developer would be to turn over the plans entirely to residential. I would much rather live in a remodelled character dwelling than a soulless upper floor apartment.

    • Like any other pub or restaurant, the client base is reflective of the offer. The pub is a dump and the cafe is grim. Other pubs and cafes within walking distance get my business because the offer and service is so much better. A shame because I remember the pub years ago as a busy, vibrant establishment. Maybe the landlord should invest in his businesses to make any future flats a more attractive proposition.

  • I agree anonymous201481. Having the plans re-submitted for full residential use and turning the old pub in to one or two flats would give the flats character which a lot of purchasers would like.


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