Dog waste bins to be removed from Greenwich parks

Bins for dog waste could be removed as part of cost cutting measures across Greenwich parks this coming year if plans are signed off next week.

A new report highlights plans to remove 271 dog bins distributed across RBG parks and open spaces. The council states this would save “£6,480 plus £1,600 for replacement bins and £4,000 collection and disposal.”

Avery Hill park

They also state: “As dog waste can be put into general waste bins there is no need for separate bins and this would bring RBG into line with other authorities. To avoid any increase in fouling in the short term a communications campaign and re-education campaign will be important.”

July 2020 is the target date. Dog owners would also no longer receive free bags.

“Most dog owners are responsible and will appreciate that the Council cannot subsidise them by providing dog waste bags. Other authorities do not provide free dog waste bags. If agreed, this proposal would need to be communicated effectively to Friends of Parks groups and other park users to avoid any increase in dog fouling.”



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    4 thoughts on “Dog waste bins to be removed from Greenwich parks

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    • If they are not cutting the grass then doing away with dog waste bins and free bags will not matter, as the grass will be so long, you will not be able to see where a dog has done a drop anyway. Obviously this has been well thought out by a committee.

    • Speaking as a dog owner who’s lived in Greenwich for many years, I’ve not once seen any ‘free dog waste bags’. Where are these available? People buy their own, so it’s not a great issue. 

      I’ve seen good implementations of this though, in areas which have high use by dog walkers; such as beaches in Wales – where there’s outdoor dispensers for them.

      Find the dog waste bins useful in Greenwich Park (which isn’t Council controlled) elsewhere they are rare. That said, this whole rationale is just an excuse for cutting more services; all these dog related measures have a positive impact on some level.


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