Bike and car in Greenwich collision

A motorbike and car have collided this lunchtime at a junction in east Greenwich.

It appears the rider was not injured. Traffic is very slow in the area.

This crossing has been an eyesore and dangerous for many, many years. It’s a Greenwich Council managed junction though they’ve long hoped TfL would fund improvements.

Guardrail – costly, dated, ugly and unsafe

It was due to be included in Cycle Superhighway 4 work from Tower Bridge to Woolwich which has been in planning for the past decade. That scheme was then curtailed by TfL to Greenwich with work now underway. A post showing progress at Deptford is coming later today.

Plans for an extension from Greenwich to Woolwich were revived and due to be consulted in November this year until the General Election meant it was placed on hold.

East Greenwich Residents Association tweeted “We also had to contend with multiple drivers refusing to stop for the adjacent pedestrian light.”.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

4 thoughts on “Bike and car in Greenwich collision

  • I can’t believe their aren’t more accidents here.

    This junction is total chaos during the morning rush hour.

    Somehow drivers manage to turn it in to three – sometimes four – lanes turning right on to Trafalgar Road.

    I wouldn’t care but the terrible standard of driving can add ten or fifteen minutes on to bus journeys to North Greenwich. Totally unacceptable for a few people in cars to be able to derail hundreds of people’s commutes like that.

  • surely this is the result of the car turning (late?) left from the right hand lane. that could happen at any junction; it’s nothing to do with the layout. not saying that the right turn onto trafalgar road is great, but this just isn’t an example of that

  • You do see a lot of dangerous driving at this junction.

    Greenwich Park Fan is spot on with some drivers creating extra lanes of traffic turning right on to Trafalgar Road which does indeed cause buses to be delayed,

    Urgent action needs to be taken to make this junction safer for pedestrians motorist and cyclist as this is a very busy junction and a major route in to Central London,

  • The pedestrian crossing barrier is already completely smashed in at this junction, it’s been an accident hotspot for ages and so unsafe. I’ve nearly been hit as a pedestrian and as a driver by people jumping the lights and pushing in 2/3/4 deep.

    I just hope they don’t get whoever planned the rebuild of the frankly crazy junction from blackwall approach onto tunnel avenue to sort this one out!


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