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Housing, Plumstead

New terraced housing planned in Plumstead

A planning application for new homes on Sladedale Road in Plumstead has been submitted.

The site has had a number of applications over the years. The last in 2016 for “four detached buildings containing 4 x 1 bed and 4 x 2 bed self contained flats” was approved.

Aerial view of site

This particular plot is on a rather steep slope.  Japanese knotweed is present according to planning documents.

Eight homes are planned in total. Click here to view planning document.


  1. They don’t look very exciting, but may be ‘in keeping’ with neighbouring properties.

  2. CDT

    It is good to see houses instead of flats are to be built on this site. I think they have been designed to fit in with other older terrace houses in the area,

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