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Leak appears in Thames at Greenwich

A large amount of liquid appears to be leaking into the Thames at Greenwich this morning.

The above photo shows a black substance which resembles oil spreading from a spot near a jetty on the east side of the Peninsula. That jetty housed a garden exhibition in the past and was included in plans to become an entertainment venue.

The Environment Agency have been contacted for comment.


  1. L. Bird

    All this was industrial wasteland a few years back.
    None of the ground was cleansed properly before the buildings bordering the Thames went up.
    People already complain about a chemical smell lingering in this area.
    Won’t be surprised, if not before long some or all of the Greenwich Peninsular properties will have to be vacated due to health concerns.

  2. Terry S

    Any update about what this is?

  3. Sewage


  4. Charles Calthrop

    Greenwich Council is so full of it that it’s begun to leak into the river…

  5. This is not the case. Prior to the building of the MEX (the Dome), most of the inland area of the Peninsula back to Peartree Way was cleared to a depth of around a foot and impermeable membranes installed before new soil was returned. It was almost certainly the case though that areas around the periphery where industrial activity was still taking place weren’t ‘cleansed’. Why would they be? Remediation of polluted land very rarely takes place until sites are vacated and are flattened prior to a new development.

  6. Robin

    What was this?

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