Mass police presence in Bexleyheath as pubs shut

Mass police presence in Bexleyheath as pubs shut

There are dozens of police across Bexleyheath tonight after reported incidents caused some pubs in the town to close.

Police have also been seen in large numbers at the bowling alley.

A dispersal order has been issued with police stating: A dispersal authority has been granted under S.34 Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 for the Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6 between 1820 Hrs 5/9/19 until 0300 Hrs 6/9/19. There are additional officers in the area conducting high visibility patrols this evening.”

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4 thoughts on “Mass police presence in Bexleyheath as pubs shut

  1. We need more Dispersal Orders that can last up to a full 24 to 48 hours along with permanent stop and search and curfews the Police can get on with the job of tackling crime and making our streets safer for all.

    The trouble is a lot of the people that gather in these large groups often arrange to meet up with the sole aim of causing trouble and disturbance, They also often come from outside the area and travel around in large groups just like football hooligans.

    If my memory serves me rightI I believe it was reported that some of those that was involved in the recent Welling disturbances came from East London.

    There is just no need for this type of behaviour which is totally uncalled for and is not acceptable.

    1. There not staring one main reason this is probably happening. A load of travellers have turned up in the car park opposite the bowling alleyway. Apparently they was all in a pub causing problems the other night. I’m assuming this is the reason more police are in the area.

  2. The recent flare-ups around Eltham, Sidcup and even Woolwich reminds me of a line from Jurassic Park, where Muldoon talks about the raptors testing the fences for weaknesses – but never the same spot twice. The dispersal orders should be supplemented with tranquilliser darts

  3. Parking in an expensive car park..!. where are the traffic wardens on their mopeds that usually lay in wait around the corner? That’ll soon get the Caravan Club moving.

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