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Bexleyheath’s 518-flat town centre scheme gets underway

Courtesy @CoinfordUK

Contractor Coinford has released images showing work is now well underway building 518 homes in Bexleyheath town centre at the former council Civic Centre site.

Just 22% are “affordable” and none at social rent levels.

View from Sainsbury’s car park

Sports Direct plan to open a large store on the ground floor.

A proposal to pedestrianise part of Highland Road beside the development has been scrapped.

Original plans saw road on right pedestrianised to provide link between existing and new shops

The development brings much income to Bexley Council including:

  • £4.2 million through the Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • An additional £3.1 million will be brought in to the council through the New Homes Bonus. There’s a bonus for councils in ensuring higher numbers of “affordable” housing so the low 22% figure will cost them income.
  • £790,000 per year in council tax income.
  • Nine retail units are included, including Sports Direct, which will bring in £79,000 in business rates.



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