Twenty five new flats coming to Bexleyheath

Twenty five new flats coming to Bexleyheath

Twenty five flats are to be built at a site at 8 Brampton Road near the junction with Clynde Road in Bexleyheath. The entrance to Crook Log leisure centre is nearby. Hexagon Housing Association are behind the scheme. The site is currently a vacant site to the rear of a car park.

There will be 3 x 1 bed, 17 x 2 bed and 5 x 3 bed flats. Outline plans were initially approved in April 2016. Detailed designs have recently been submitted.


Hexagon havn’t bothered coming up with nice drawings for the scheme. It’s mostly technical drawings which isn’t great for the public. I’ve noticed this quite a bit with developments in Bexley borough. Developers seem happy to submit few drawings giving an impression of buildings in context.

There’s normally Design and Access Statements within planning applications which feautre the most interesting renders of developments. The initial outline planning application for this site only had a text D&A and the reserved matters submission has the basic drawings seen here.

The planning reference is 16/00699/OUTM04


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2 thoughts on “Twenty five new flats coming to Bexleyheath

  1. Slight correction, the development is on the junction with Glynde Road. And in my opinion, calling it a development “on Brampton Road” is charitable; the blue hoardings are fairly far along Glynde Road itself, opposite houses with addresses of Glynde Road. Quite how the Land Registry chooses to allocate addresses to plots of land, I’m not sure…

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