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Armed moped riders arrested in Bexleyheath after crash

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Moped riders armed with knives have been arrested tonight in Bexleyheath after a crash on Little Heath.

According to some reports four moped riders on two bikes were not part of the initial crash involving two ares but were spooked by responding police.

Upon hearing emergency services arriving to the crash scene they attempted to speed off only to be halted and detained by members of the public and police with knives discovered.

Some of those who detained suspects include patrons at the Earl Haig pub.

Police and other emergency services are still on site and roads are closed while hunts for suspects continue.


  1. Graham

    Well done to the residents around Little Heath Road, the patrons of the Earl Haig pub and the Met Police.

    I hope the local residents and patrons of the Earl Haig pub get some recongnition for tackling these armed dangerous men.

    I am sure the residents of Bexleyheath are very proud of you all.

  2. Well done to the residents, wish more people could recognise and detain scum like these.
    Sadly it’s a growing phenomenon.

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