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Bexleyheath, Retail

Oasis and Warehouse the next stores that could collapse

Bexleyheath Broadway shopping centre

Two more retail names could be heading for permanent shutdown as Oasis and Warehouse enter administration.

Oasis have stores and concessions in Bexleyheath, Bromley and Bluewater. Both Oasis and Warehouse had a unit in Charlton which closed last year.

Unit closed last year

The two companies are owned by Icelandic bank Kaupthing and were in trouble before the current situation. Both employ 2,300 people.




  1. CDT

    It is such a shame but i undersgtand these companies have been struggling for sometime. Long before the outbreak of the Coronavirus here in the UK.

    What does not always help retailers in shopping malls like Bexleyheath, Lewisham and Bromley is that many have restricted shopping hours (opoening hours) comapred to some other retailers located elsewhere.

    It is great shopping in a shopping mall out of the elements of the weather. However, in line with many other stiores I do honestly believe that shopping malls need to open later in the evenings until at least 9pm or 10 pm so people can shop after work. etc.

    I hope Bexleyheath Shopping will be able to let the units to other retailers even if they go to a food retailer to open a new store in Bexleyheath.

    My heart goes out to the staff who may loose their jobs and hope any new occupier for the units would consider re-employing them in the future.

  2. CDT

    ** Understand, opening, Stores.**

  3. The lockdown will deal a hammer blow to retailers who were already struggling. I think Select will be the next high street retailer to go. The business closed stores last year and seemed to have embarked on permanent in store sales. As always, the workforce will suffer and the unemployment figures swell.

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