Hundreds head to late night Plumstead block party in residential area

Hundreds of people have descended on a residential area of Plumstead after a party went viral.

Residents of Gilbourne Road and Kingsdale Road have complained of hundreds of people arriving and disturbing residents, with noise and abuse of residents highlighted.

According to online accounts, a number of people rang police who stated they could do little. A small number of officers arrived but have not acted according to the frustration of locals.





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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

9 thoughts on “Hundreds head to late night Plumstead block party in residential area

  • Tonight has been very scary. So many ‘youths’ descended upon the area and have just taken over. It feels like they can just do whatever they like while residents can do nothing – too scared to even go out of their own front doors and ask them to go back to their own area. Cars blaring out ‘gangsta rap’ and hundreds of youths just hanging around in the local roads until 2 am, although many had left by then. It felt quite menacing as anything could kick off at any time. Worrying thing is, they could come back any night they like and just take over the area again and what can residents do. Even the police are afraid to act when there are that many people who have no fear of the police and no respect for other people. Really very worrying that our streets are being taken over by inconsiderate people while decent, law abiding citizens can only cower behind our own front doors until the louts get tired and decide to go home or elsewhere!

    Thanks for bringing this to attention Murky. I couldn’t find anything else on social media as to what was going on.

  • What is the point of police and councils’ Noise Team as neither would do much regarding nuisance. Usual response is take notes, keep diary and hopefully it will go away.
    Perhaps facility to upload a short video as evidence of nuisance activities to Noise Team would help council to act and get it sorted.

  • I’m a local resident and gather, from speaking to a couple of the kids, that it was a party to celebrate the end of year 11. Possibly an unwise plan by someone’s child, who lives in the block next to Rockcliffe Manor school? As that’s where the main contingent if children were. To be honest, walking through about midnight, none of the young people were threatening; the main concern for residents would have been the sheer amount of noise being generated by such a large gathering of teenagers. Another thing that concerned me was the presence of a couple of older white guys on mopeds, who were clearly drug dealers. These are 16 year olds and while they are old enough to be told that such a gathering is inconsiderate to the local residents, they should not be peddled drugs by dealers. If the police saw these people I’d some action was taken against them too!

  • People always tend to get edgy when large groups assemble (and sadly especially when some are black) even if little happens BUT last night there was legitimate grounds for concern given someone intoxicated was driving around and noise carried on beside over one hundred homes until 2am on a work night.

    the behavior of some was awful too towards members of the public and bus drivers.

    Most concerning though is that the police seem unable or unwilling to do anything and told people that there was nothing they could do. Clearly that’s wrong given some of what happened. Running scared? Short of numbers? Whatever it is, this gives the clear message that anything can be done in numbers.

    Get people together and the police wont or cant do anything is the message now out there.

  • I spoke to couple off them before it started. Said was birthday party and wouldn’t finish late. And was just teenagers was older people as well, and the cars driving up and down blocking roads. Should seen what was left behind. Disgusting. Loads canisters, broken glass , bottles with what I was told had drugs in (but that’s hearsay)
    Just wonder where got power from for the music.

  • I am sorry and really feel for the residentts who should not have to tolerate this kind of behaviour. If there were concerns of drivers driving under the influenece of alcohol and or drugs and the possibilty of drug dealing then the Police and Council should have acted on these issues for peoples safety. The Council should also be acting on anti social behaviour.

    I also really do think that it is time for a change in administratiuon at Greenwich Council as the Borough is now crying out for change.

  • I really felt sorry for the residents too Graham. Many of whom probably had small children trying to sleep and people needing to get up early for work.

  • I’m a local resident and this was disgusting If there was notice 24 to 48 hours before hand I’m sure we as residents would have felt abit more in control in knowing what is actually happening but there was no notice the mess was disgusting Greenwich council need to give their clean up crew an award because the amount of glass drugs canisters was to a point me and other neighbours didn’t want our little ones to go and play on the grass where all these youths were. For the police to have FOUR officers in the middle of 400 youngsters its unbelievable if something was to go wrong there was no control over the situation. There was five fights that actually happened but yet the police still couldn’t do “nothing” there was a 9inch knife found in the block if any one of our children had found that or someone hurt them self yet again if was used on someone then what can the police say no control whatsoever ridiculous.

  • Drug dealers hang about the betting shops on Powis street and police do nothing! antisocial and section 5 behaviour rife!!
    Police have local meetings with Greenwich council but never really action anything all they seem to care about is the Royal Arsenal area across the road, may local residents feel unsafe in the town centre now totally unacceptable


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