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Abbey Wood

New bus route 301 linking Abbey Wood Crossrail to Bexleyheath starts this week

A new bus route numbered 301 kicks off this coming Saturday running between Woolwich and Bexleyheath via Abbey Wood station in advance of the Elizabeth Line starting in late 2020 or early 2021.

The introduction of the new bus service was put back from the end of last year as the rail service suffered delays. While Crossrail is still a long way off, the bus route is commencing.

301 route

This new route offers a more direct link between Bexleyheath and Abbey Wood than the current meandering B11 which will eventually be cut back from much of Thamesmead (terminating at the old Boiler House) and see frequencies reduced.

10 minutes from Canary Wharf – soon, maybe

The 301 will run every 12 minutes during the day and 15 at night, and also operate using double-deckers after initial plans foresaw single-deckers. This has forced a route change near Abbey Wood. It will no longer traverse the direct route along Knee Hill but divert via New Road adding extra time. This is instead of upgrading the narrow Knee Hill for double-deckers.

Crossrail trains parked up at Abbey Wood

The alteration will add a few minutes to journeys, and coupled with traffic congestion often seen around Brampton Road roundabouts could be enough to ensure some Bexleyheath commuters stick with Southeastern rather than take a bus to Abbey Wood then change onto Crossrail. Journeys to the City and West End would be no quicker depending on start point. Canary Wharf is a different story.

New homes

The bus will head down Long Lane from Abbey Wood then arrives in the centre of Bexleyheath. The B11 which approaches from the west and Bexleyheath station. The east of the town centre will see 518 new homes with some already under construction – as covered last week on this site.

In Abbey Wood it’ll cross the station’s adjacent dual carriageway – which has lost dedicated bus lanes, to join Harrow Manorway – soon to have a new bus lanes. Give with one hand…

Then it’s on to Thamesmead to bolster links from the notoriously cut off town to Crossrail stations. An extended 472 will also one day head this way, but not yet.



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  1. Chris Nash

    Spot the error in TfL’s map: Bostall Hill has gained an extra “R”…

  2. CDT

    It is good to see that the new 301 bus route will be introduced from Saturday 13th July. Although Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) may not open until late 2020 or Spring 2021.

    However, Bexley residents are still set to see cuts to two other local bus routes when route 428 Erith to Bluewater is cut back to Crayford no longer serving Dartford, Darent Valley Hospital or Bluewater,

    Route B11 Bexleyheath Garage to Thamesmead Town Centre is to be cut back to Yarnton Way no longer serving Thamesmead Town Centre. The frequency on route B11 will also be reduced to every 20 minutes during the day on Monday to Saturdays and to every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday evenings and Sundays.

  3. Lina

    Residents of New Road are fuming over double decker 301 traveling via New Road. We no longer enjoy our home as the bus 301 is disturbing due to noise and turbulence on this narrow road.

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