Three arrests at Abbey Wood station after police operation

The latest operation to catch those with weapons has taken place at Abbey Wood station today.

A knife arch was installed as staff checked for weapons and conducted ticket checks.

According to police three arrests were made and a discarded knife found at the station.

  • A Male has been arrested for possession of class a drugs and possession of points and blades.
  • A Male has been arrested for possession of class B drugs and immigration offences. 
  • A female has been arrested for being wanted for several offences at Medway Magistrates Court.
Knife found discarded

A knife was found discarded on the station and an investigation is ongoing in relation to ownership.

Recent checks happened at Plumstead, Woolwich Arsenal, Lewisham and Belvedere. Nearly 200 fines were issued for those without correct tickets in Plumstead alone and arrests made for weapons at prior swoops.

Courtesy @MPSGreenwich. Recent operation in Woolwich

Unlike prior operations this one did not involve Southeastern staff as Abbey Wood is now managed by TfL.

One commuter raised concern that funneling all passengers into one queue had seen people pushing and shoving on the stairs as those at the back were unaware what was happening.

In recent days people have voiced concern that despite Abbey Wood being the only station with ticket barriers in operation all day long, some people had jumped over barriers or rushed gates.

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5 thoughts on “Three arrests at Abbey Wood station after police operation

  • in hindsight it was probably not a good idea to advertise this while the the check was in place. Those who are carrying my have seen it and adjusted their journey accordingly.

    • It’s been all over Facebook and other social media for many hours now.

  • The other day, as I was leaving Abbey Wood through the wide gate, a guy heading for the platforms waited until my pass opened the gate and then rushed through without paying – happens all the time. The staff were busy chatting of course.

    • I saw a man and a woman completely climb over the barriers, on a Saturday morning, in full view of all the TFL staff, they didn’t move from under the heater, they just shouted at her that she was on cctv, didn’t seem to bother her and she caught her train without any other issues from what I saw.

  • If that is the case TFL should be investigating these particular members of staff after all they are paid to do a job. If they do not want to do the job then give the job to some one who does.


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