Trains blocked through Lewisham after yet another signal problem

Trains blocked through Lewisham after yet another signal problem

All trains are currently blocked through Lewisham causing large disruption across the Southeastern Metro network.

Problems appear to have begun today with a train fault causing issues. A passenger then became sick at Lewisham. Alongside that a signalling fault arose which has now seen lines completely blocked.

Signalling issues are still an almost daily problem despite upgrades being a core element of a £130 million upgrade project which has seen weekend closures throughout this year.

Compounding infrastructure problems are increasing passenger numbers (numbers are rising about between four and five per cent a year depending on what numbers you look at) and from January capacity looks set to be cut as Networker trains on branch lines will not meet disability requirements taking effect on 1/1/20.

Many other franchises that fail to meet new standards will see derogation to continue running trains as they have confirmed replacement stock. Southeastern do not due to ever-delayed franchise awards and short term extension dating back five years preventing long-term investment and planning – and so there is no derogation in place.



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