Abbey Wood station demolition next weekend

Abbey Wood station demolition

It’s currently not much more than a shell with the rest due to come down, beginning next weekend. The line will be closed all next weekend, and the weekend after.

Abbey Wood station demolition timescale

To be honest once the wrecking ball gets going it looks as though it will be down in an hour. The area where the walkways were located is completely cleared.

Abbey Wood station site

It was built in 1987, lasted almost 30 years, and will be replaced by this:

Includes retail unit and lifts
Includes retail unit and lifts

Other work has progressed well around Plumstead, as can be seen here on the Bexley is Bonkers blog.

Last week Canary Wharf’s Crossrail station opened, or at least the shopping, cinema and garden roof parts did. Well mostly, as the cinema opens on 15th May. By 2018 this will be 11 minutes from Abbey Wood station. Bring it on.

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    3 thoughts on “Abbey Wood station demolition next weekend

    • No activity whatsoever between Abbey Wood and Church Manorway (Plumstead) at 03:30 Sunday morning. Thought you might like to know.:-)

    • We’ve seen timescales lagging a few times. Though that information is recent that doesn’t seem to always matter with the project, as you know! I believe they flag the periods just in case work happens, though generally when it comes to weekend closures they’re more definite, as they’re prepared months in advance and they can’t defer them as easily.

      As for overnight work, I wonder if that is sometimes only listed as it falls into anti-social hours and work can still happen around that but not listed on some documents.

    • Concerned that the CGI images suggest there will be no shelter on the flyover around the bus stop area, which is ridiculous! It’s bad enough waiting for a bus up there as it is, but it looks as if whole area will be even more exposed to the elements.


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