Petition launched after Abbey Wood improvements fail to match plans

A petition has been launched to ensure newly installed public space around Abbey Wood station matches artists impressions seen in previous years.

No trees or greenery

Renders showed extensive greenery and around a dozen trees though none are in place – with apparently no space left to install them.

Plans havn’t matched reality

The station has come in for criticism for focusing mainly on those arriving via buses from the adjacent flyover and almost ignoring streets alongside the station used by Abbey Wood residents to reach the station.  Big blank facades are seen.

Blank facade of new station from adjacent shopping parade in Abbey Wood

Other issues with the new design include a lack of measures to prevent cars driving onto paving (which is extremely common in the area) where enforcement is lacking. Within days of opening temporary fencing was installed. The paving is also far lighter than renders which means it will look messy pretty quickly – which is compounded if cars drive onto it and requires extra money for upkeep.

This may all seem a bit frivolous but huge sums are being spent and the town (and taxpayers) at least deserve something that is attractive, matches what was shown and will stand the test of time.

Currently the other side of the station at Felixstowe Road is seeing work. It appears the same mistakes could well be made.

Bexley Council have taken the lead though this is spot is on the Greenwich side of the borough boundary. Both authorities have long been warned the design had issues.

Felixstowe Road paving was used for parking before work begun

With work now underway on the other side of the tracks at Felixstowe Road the same warnings are being issued before the project completes there – though so far it appears the same mistakes are possible.

Extensive new paving to see cars parking without measures taken?

Click here to view the petition.

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