Expanded Abbey Wood station parking controls introduced soon

Parking controls around Abbey Wood station are to be expanded six years after Greenwich Council first agreed to do so.

The authority agreed back in July 2017 to adopt parking measures after previous consultation after beginning the process in 2016. Nothing then happened until more money was spent on another consultation years later.

Greenwich agreed to adopt parking measures six years ago but then halted

They agreed for a second time and signs are now up in advance of introduction on the 4th September 2023.

Many more vehicles can now be seen parked around Abbey Wood since the advent of the Elizabeth line back in May 2022.

The authority’s parking department have been hapless for many years acting against some very poor parking, which often didn’t need a Controlled Parking Zone to enforce given they’re often covering basic rules such as don’t block junctions.

Much like going through the whole process and spending thousands back in 2016 just to then do little, competence with this latest process in the department isn’t good. People attempting to pay for a new permit are being told the council have no record of their address or what Parking Zone they are in.

Parking controls beginning soon

There are two; the existing AW is being slightly expanded while a whole new one named AO is being created.

Then again the authority cannot even spell the town’s name correctly on documents relating to this expansion so perhaps it’s a bit much to expect hem to know much.

As for where the money from income will go, let’s see if places like Abbey Wood will even see a penny. By law income has to be spent on transport projects.

We may expect Greenwich to claim administration costs will swallow all revenue, which given they wasted thousands in 2016-2017 process just to repeat the process again shortly after may even be true but doesn’t excuse incompetence then and now.


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One thought on “Expanded Abbey Wood station parking controls introduced soon

  • A 2 hour CPZ – is that really solving the issue??


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