Nineteen trees to go as more Silvertown Tunnel changes occur in North Greenwich

A new planning application reveals that work on the Silvertown Tunnel will result in car park changes just to the south of North Greenwich tube station and the loss of another six trees on site.

Those trees combined with others already for the chop as part of the tunnel’s Development Consent Order bring the total loss to 19.

Trees to be cut down (click to enlarge)

It’s not the only Silvertown-related change in the area. A site earmarked for homes beside the Dangle Way will now become an expanded car and coach park for at least five years.

Forthcoming car and coach park

Whilst that is only temporary, the tunnel will also result in losing enough land to provide at least 275 homes, and probably more though a study was rather selective on revealing just how many.

Click here to view plans.

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3 thoughts on “Nineteen trees to go as more Silvertown Tunnel changes occur in North Greenwich

  • Is this definitely going ahead, or can it still be stopped? In light of the installation of the ultra low emission zone, and imminent declaration of a climate emergency, would it not make sense to revisit the decision, just as was done for the cruise terminal…

    • On the morning of June 20th people will gather outside city hall at the mayor’s question time to demand they cancel the plans for the tunnel – – the more people that come the more pressure will be put on the government and perhaps they’ll be forced to change their minds. As the contract hasn’t been signed for it there is still time.

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