Skyscraper coming to former Woolwich Poly school site

Developers are asking Greenwich Council whether a 22-storey tower is permissable at the former Woolwich Poly school site at Macbean Street.

The plan is for “a mixed use development within 5 blocks ranging in height from 2 to 22 storeys comprising up to 650 residential units”.

The tallest block is planned just behind buildings on Powis Street. Since the Victorian school building was demolished the site has lay empty with a few attempts to run car parks on the site refused.

Vacant for nearly a decade

Last July this site covered how L&G purchased this plot of land and revealed plans to build new homes.

Legal & General have been in the news regarding building homes to lease to Croydon council for social housing. They also plan to build towers near Lewisham station on the site of Sports Direct and Matalan yet there is little sign of progress since plans revealed.

New towers approved at the shopping park

In Woolwich concerns will no doubt be raised over the height. A wall effect of numerous towers in the town around the same height is a worry.

What is bizarre, and something covered when looking at Woolwich’s forthcoming Masterplan, is why Greenwich Council appear to seek to continue low rise warehouses just east of the new Crossrail station then try to squeeze high density towers onto other plots just to the west.

Large single level units could become mixed-use with homes above with some industry moving 500 metres east to a site where the council are to build 22 industrial units near Plumstead bus garage.

Vacant land to east more suited to industry

This would permit much needed housing near Crossrail whilst not having a situation of low rise then a sudden jump to numerous 20-22 floor towers. There would be no loss of industrial and commercial space.

L&G state they would like to complete the development by 2022.

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11 thoughts on “Skyscraper coming to former Woolwich Poly school site

  • Greenwich Council aren’t smart enough to properly plan a crap in a building site porto-potty!

    • A change in Leadership is needed after 40+ years a new party with new ideas needs to happen

  • That’s that problem with Labour running the council for 45 years! A change is needed

  • Thank god people are now realising that there needs to be an alternative to a Labour council to get their backside in gear.
    Why would the coucil change their approach when it’s a dead cert that they are continously elected.

    • Long overdue change needs to happen. Let’s allow another party to govern! A new vision an outlook instead of this left wing ideology of waste and no action. I do agree new housing, regeneration and money needs to be used to reduvinate the borough. Plus I do think section 106 funds generated from money from developers for the council to use should be spent on upgrade/refurbished of existing housing stock/tired tower blocks , landscaping and our under invested parks.

      Not forgetting underinvestment in highways, enforcement of illegal parking, possible abandoned vehicles and the ever increasing flytipping and lack of street cleaning.

      Rant over lol

  • Totally agree. It really is time for change at the Labour Controlled Greenwich Council after 40+ years. We do need a new party in control and fresh ideas. It also important it is a Council administration that listens to everyone. It also needs to be a council that does not hold meetings behind closed doors. Which has happened of late under the present Labour Administration.

  • On the subject of the flats I cannot see why they have to be 22 floors why can’t they be built to say a height of 12 floors for example.

  • More concrete jungle housing asking to be made into a ghetto with plenty of violence?

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  • Agreed seems absolute madness to spend £20billion on crossrail and have 28 acres of low employment light industrial next to it!


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