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New Woolwich Energie Fitness gym gets opening date

Building on right

A new gym in Woolwich operated by Energie Fitness is to open on 6th December.

The gym will be located on Hare Street just a second from Waterfront’s main entrance and offering cheaper monthly membership.

It’s another hit to Woolwich’s Waterfront which has seen a 17% fall in members over the past year and the car park close to make way for new towers.

Towers coming soon

The cost of Energie Woolwich is £22.99 a month with a £10 joining fee compared to £30.85 at Waterfront with a joining fee of £15. Waterfront’s operators, Better Leisure, do operate another gym beside Lidl which is £19.95 with a £15 joining fee.

Looking down Hare Street. Gym will be on left

Energie opens until 10pm so is not 24 hours like many new gyms. Puregym in Charlton is open 24/7 and lower cost at £19.99 a month.

Competition is fierce in the sector and with many thousands of homes being built in Woolwich, more gyms can be expected.

The Waterfront’s move to General Gordon Square still has no definitive date. It was due to happen around 2020 but that looks to have now slipped.

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