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The Deptford Creek riverside walk that’s never opened to the public

It’s been nine years since a planning application to build new homes and a Creekside walk in Greenwich was submitted yet public access remains firmly off limits.

Image from 2010 planning application

Plans were submitted in 2010 for new builds at two sites beside the Creek on Norman Road. A Creekside path was also constructed – yet years after completion the public cannot access the path.

Courtesy Google. Snaking path clearly visible alongside creek

There are three access points which all remain behind six foot gates.

The third and final access point:

One of three locked gates

Even if the path was not intended to open until other developments followed is it time to look again? An extension through new builds completing to the north and south could be many years away.

There are two large plans either side of the site – though with house prices falling fast at new developments in London it could be some time before they progress.

One site recently approved to the south was Saxon Wharf:

Creekside path at Saxon Wharf

And to the north is a tower proposal at Ravernsbourne Wharf:

What do you think? Should it be left shut until adjacent plans proceed or open as soon as possible?


  1. JR

    This sounds like a job for Angle Grinder Man

  2. maddie

    Shocking monstrous communism architecture . It looks like 70,s Russia or present china and Korea .Wars did not managed to destroy generations of craft and world famous period London architecture, but one little man with no respect for history managed to destroy all in just a matter of months..Selfish narrow minded ideas invented only to fulfil desires and pockets of few

  3. Stan

    If the paths are safe to be open to residents then of course they should be open to the public. They are probably hoping they can keep it just for residents, hopefully the council will get on their backs.

  4. anonymous201486

    The privatisation of public space is a disgrace, but don’t expect Greenwich council to intervene.

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