Returning to Greenwich Ikea two months on – any pedestrian improvements?

It’s now almost two months since shoppers first entered Greenwich Ikea for preview days in late January and early February and promised new crossings are still not complete. Well, not even started.

I returned to look around the area since writing up a post on the area on 1st February. Very little has changed.

This is the site of what should be a crossing on Bugsbys Way. Currently it’s a case of running across the road as some cars approach uphill:

Plans submitted long before the store opened had a crossing here:

Circled in blue

This crossing has no plans for any improvements:

Just to the south we have an area where pedestrians heading from east Greenwich are taking a desire line which has not been converted to paving:

Greenwich Council could have been stipulated that these improvements were in place before the store opened which didn’t happen – probably as its the authority in charge of delivering them. Back in February a vague spring time was mentioned. But given the store has now been for some time and work hasn’t even begun is there an impending start date? My sources in the authority tell me not.

Looking towards another supposed crossing point

Given the example of work pencilled in near the Angerstein roundabout it appears that information, let alone action, could be very slow to be released.

Some work that is underway but still hasn’t finished. Obviously new guardrail had to be installed:

A dedicated cycle lane has actually been removed as part of work in this area. It’s now joint use which won’t help conflict. The cycle rack was entirely empty:


I’ve seen some comments on Twitter from customers who claim its not in a logical location – nor very safe tucked to the side away from footfall to prevent thieves.

On this occasion I didn’t arrive via Westcombe Park ststaion so no idea if signs to the store are now in place there. Anyone know?

I did walk from east Greenwich though having arrived by bus and there’s no sign of any small improvement measures such as better LED lighting or work under and around the flyover:

As bad as ever:

So far the main focus has been some alterations on tarmac and areas between kerbs – as usual. The new bus lane is welcome but really, so much more should now be ready. The rest of the public realm is an afterthought.

What was it we are constantly told? Sustainable? And what good is a Low Emission Neighbourhood nearby when this stuff is ignored?

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

4 thoughts on “Returning to Greenwich Ikea two months on – any pedestrian improvements?

  • Ikea should never have been built there in the first place.i walk all around the above sites every morning.Pedestrians need to use their ears and eyes when crossing the road..As for cycle lanes there are too many on the road anyway. Make cyclists pay tax and insurance

  • Mrs Knitty,

    Cyclists pay tax. The upkeep of roads is paid from general taxation, which we ‘all’ pay. VED is wholly different and if you use an electric vehicle you are exempt. Should they pay VED?

    As there are no emissions from those cycling, presumably the charge would be £0 and a waste of administration. Who would pay for the administration of something that charges nothing? What would be the point?

    How would you suggest enforcement of insurance for those cycling? The same way that drivers of motor vehicles are? Up to 3,000 uninsured drivers a day are caught without insurance. Which group is the danger here?

    For reference, many people who cycle have insurance (for example, I insure myself so I can have legal representation if / when I am in a collision with a motor vehicle, driven by someone insured or not, that’s if they stop at the scene, of course) but I would be interested to hear why you believe those cycling would legally require it. Would that be applicable anyone on the road? I take a child on their bicycle to the park, we cycle along a road or two to get there, do we both need insurance?

  • Not sure how relevant my comment is.I went to B&Q yesterday at lunchtime, for shelving which couldn’t be delivered. Everything around the site seemed to run smoothly, pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars. I did go into Ikea ( to compare shelving!) not particularly impressed there is more choice at the Dartford store.

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