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Crime, Greenwich

Car crashes in Greenwich after pursuit

Courtesy Lynsey Smith

A car has crashed by the Greenwich Centre after a high speed pursuit across south east London.

Numerous police cars and a helicopter were chasing the Mini after a suspect was seen at Peartree Way in Greenwich. The pursuit then went as far as Eltham before heading back to Greenwich via Charlton according to witnesses.

The driver eventually hit railings after police vehicle made “tactical contact” a.k.a hit the car in Greenwich causing a bus diversion and road closures. Four police were slightly injured during the pursuit. At least one police vehicle crashed separately to the location where the pursuit ended.

The driver was arrested at the scene (see video link in comments below).


  1. Clip here of the scrote being apprehended. Well done to the police.

  2. Graham

    Well done to the Police for apprehending the driver of the mini. What was he thinking off driving at such a speed through a built up where others are driving or walking including the elderly and children. Thankfully there are no reports of injuries.

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