Greenwich Design District food court and bar to open 1st September

One of the main attractions at Greenwich Peninsula’s Design District is set to open on 1st September.

A central court comprising food outlets is set to open some time later than planned.

Six outlets have so far been announced:

  • Ehla – Eastern Mediteranean
  • Sugo – Italian
  • Guasa – Venezuelan
  • Raastawala -Bengali cuisine such as Kati rolls
  • Eat Lah – Malaysian
  • Toasted – described as gourmet toasties

The Design District will see 16 buildings housing up to 1,800 artists and people in creative industries when fully complete.

Overview of site

Many buildings were designed by a separate architectural practices working blind in terms of context and surrounding building design.

A few weeks after the opening of areas of the Design District, an event will be held at the nearby Magazine venue beside the Thames.

Design London will be held from 22-25 September.


A site offering space for up to 1,800 people and offering leisure activities is a boon to the area, yet if you live in, say, east Greenwich, and want to walk or cycle it’s still an extremely off-putting journey.

While Greenwich Council set up companies such as DG Cities and spend money on driverless car trials that should probably be left to central Government or multi-nationals, the basics of high quality links between existing parts of Greenwich and new development on the Peninsula remains as wide as ever. They can’t apparently find time or money for that.

Approaching Greenwich Peninsula from east Greenwich

The site will in fact be more accessible to those living half way across London near the Jubilee Line.

Roads are not designed for thousands of new residents in the area

The same goes for working at the o2, going to concerts or attending educational and employment space on much of the Peninsula – still – after 20 years.

Large roundabouts and poor crossings

Greenwich have and continue to blame TfL and wash their hands of responsibility, ignoring income from new housing via the Community Infrastructure Levy, Section 106/278, New Homes Bonus and now income from CCTV enforcement which is projected at over £60 million over four years.

In publicity leaflets they claim this income covers running costs, and any leftover pays for Freedom Passes, which is true, but new income should exceed that by quite some way:

Income is ringfenced to transport projects by law. What it will be spent on is unknown. Time for some digging.

As it is, they’re apparently quite content to keep much of east Greenwich cut off from new amenities and employment on the Peninsula if people seek to access on foot or cycle.





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6 thoughts on “Greenwich Design District food court and bar to open 1st September

  • Totally off-topic, but i’ve noticed that the council(?) have removed the cycle lane bollards on Shooters Hill Road (between the row of shops and junction to the the QE hospital).
    Visually it looks so much better without them!

    Thank God that they realised it caused other traffic issues (especially for emergency services)!
    The question is why didn’t those who dealt with the consultation and planning see the problem in advance? I say the issues as a layman – these people are clueless and have wasted waste sums of our tax money!

  • The council couldn’t be bothered to do anything for pedestrians when a massive school opened two years ago beside the dual carriageways and roundabout so little chance of making it easier to reach for many residents.

    Two Greenwich Peninsula councillors are on the board of directors (out of three in total) of DG Cities who are behind the driverless car trials while their own ward is so poor for sustainable and active travel.

    The former council leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Sustainability and Transport (until very recently) were also directors of DG Cities until recent resignations. All that time next to nothing was done for active travel but they were playing with driverless cars.

    What did they achieve in those roles to improve the situation for active travel?

    Are cars – driverless or not – the main focus?

  • The area does nothing to encourage walking and cycling in the area with poor road crossings, poor public realm and poor transport links from some areas of the Borough. It is difficult for some residents living on the Millennuin Village to reach the stores on Bugsby Way safely by foot.

    The area around Angerstein Roundabout by Woolwich Road Flyover and the large roundabout at the junctions with Pear Tree Way and Bugsby Way is in urgent need of improvements to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclist.

    I wish the new Greenwich Design District Bar and Food Outlets every success for the future.

    I am sure the Greenwich design District will be a great success when fully completed.

  • Good news. I wish the new restaurants and bar owners management and staff every success. After such a difficult time for the hospitality sector over the last 18 months.


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