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Crime, Deptford

Man shot by police in Deptford

Courtesy TfL

A man has been shot and six others arrested after police stopped a car in Deptford this morning.

The incident occurred around 4am today after reports of an armed man and the welfare of a woman.

A vehicle was stopped near Blackheath Road where the shooting occurred. He was taken to hospital and is believed to be in a non life-threatening condition. Six other men were arrested.

Lewisham Road is shut from the A2 at Deptford to Lewisham High Street. There is a also a contraflow on the A2 Blackheath Hill. Traffic is very heavy around Lewisham town centre and Blackheath though does appear to be easing.


  1. MKS

    If a person is armed with a dangerous weapon then the Police have the right to protect themselves and the public. Hope the woman mentioned is safe and ok and being looked after.

    This is stop and search working to protect us and take these weapons of our streets.

    • DSM

      No woman found at the scene. No weapon. No charge. Yet you think it’s ok for the police to open fire on unarmed citizens in those circumstances. You’ve clearly thought this one through!

      Maybe the police should target demented, virtue signallers with homicidal tendencies. Plenty of them in Deptford it seems.

  2. anonymous201486

    This incident stemmed from a disturbance in the Anchor pub in Lewisham. I actually walked past it on my way back from Tesco’s and wondered why there was police tape around the building.

    @MKS: we are not in America and a ‘no questions asked, shoot on sight’ policy should not be adopted. You would have something very different to say if an unarmed relative or friend was shot down in the street. Further, there is no equivalence between a gun and a knife.

  3. CDT

    I agree with the comments from both DSM and Anonymous201486 with regard to the circumstances of this particular shooting,

    However, I am a strong believer of stop and search as a tool to for Police to use in tackling and preventing crime on the streets of London.

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