Deptford development beside railway station now rising

If you’ve passed through Deptford on the train recently you may have noticed a new development now rising at the eastern end of the platform.

It’s a pretty modest affair of seven flats above a commercial unit.

From the train or platform, a glimpse of the concrete frame shows a vast worksite for the Thames Tideway tunnel to the rear which is currently under constructing.

It was formerly a large open green area and will return to that state when work is finished.

So overall a pretty modest new development, but one that makes much better use of land especially so close to a station.

Nice station but no staffing

Unfortunately Southeastern’s forthcoming December timetable will leave some long gaps between services through Deptford station even at peak hours.

Deptford station is barely ever staffed, which being a Southeastern metro station this is par for the course.

Thousands of new homes in the area and a number of new commercial units resulted in any real increase in staffing for 15 years.

New units, more people, no change in mostly unstaffed station for over a decade

Many stations along the Woolwich line also have numerous developments underway n their vicinity. I’m half tempted to write a new post looking at what is underway, time permitting.

Hopefully in the next week.

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2 thoughts on “Deptford development beside railway station now rising

  • I think one thing everyone misses out of every article I see published is also Southeastern charge more for a Z1-2 single oyster pay as you go fare than TfL. It’s only when you get to a capped travel card price it becomes the same. This hits those on low incomes much harder and has been going on for years but I wish it would get highlighted more as I never hear it mentioned. At peak times it’s around £4.40 single on oyster/contactless compared with TfL’s £2.60 I believe. Hannah.

    • Funny you should say that I’ve had a half written post about the SE fare premium. It’s mostly about Elizabeth line though. I have in the past covered the difference between National Rail and TfL fares and how some parts of the capital have to pay more. Few politicians seem to know, let alone care though.


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