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UPDATE: Man detained after walking on tracks between Greenwich and Deptford

Courtesy @jackhowson96

UPDATE: A man has been detained by police after trespassing on tracks over Deptford Creek for over nearly three hours halting services.

Power is to be returned to tracks shortly and then normal service should resume though Southeastern warn it will take some time.

ORIGINAL: There are reports that all trains have come to a standstill through Greenwich and Deptford due to “a man sitting on the tracks”.

According to Southeastern: “Trains between London Bridge and Charlton via Greenwich will be diverted via Lewisham. You may use your ticket at no extra cost on the DLR.”

Thanks to @JackHowson96 for the image.

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  1. Charles Calthrop

    I’ve seen more than a few chaps on that stretch taking pictures of the creek or the sunrise or what have you. Last week I asked a chap at Deptford Station why he was walking out on the tracks and he proudly showed me his pictures of St.Paul’s church. When I told him he was also overlooking a school playground he went very quiet and quickly scuttled off.

    • tony g

      really? you see people on the track often taking photographs?

      • Charles Calthrop

        During the last year I’ve seen close to a dozen young chaps (20s) sneaking out a ways to take pictures with their phones or real cameras. I suppose that as its rather quiet, has no staff presence and has a rather nice urban landscape that is forever changing, some numpty will sneak out for a killer pic. The ones I saw simply snuck out a ways for a few minutes then hurried back, nothing as daring as crossing over or going all the way to Greenwich Station.

        At least I’m assuming they take pictures and aren’t simply crane-spotters ogling the slingers. I’m also partially sighted so it may be the same chap in very good disguises each time. There’s also one who sneaks around the Charlton/Blackheath junction where the old cable factory used to be, and another who I see wandering out past the Angerstein Crossing to the bridge Woolwich Road. In the words of Jean Claude Van Damme ‘Poor people get bored too’

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