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Four robberies in three days reported around Woolwich Dockyard station

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Keep your wits about you if using Woolwich Dockyard station after a number of robberies in recent day.

I was tweeted by one victim who was robbed last night. It was the 4th in three days.

The police then replied:

Take care in the area.

The station is unstaffed most of the day (like even the busiest Southeastern stations are in the evenings). TfL were planning to place staff at stations from first to last train if they took over Southeastern Metro routes.

Chris Grayling and the Department for Transport then blocked it. Now the situation of unstaffed stations is likely to continue in the next franchise.


  1. I didn’t realise it was unstaffed although that does explain why seemingly 90 per cent of passengers there just wander through the gates. Apologies to you honest ones.

  2. Mr_chas

    I cannot tell you how many time I have asked the Council to sort out the street lighting there. It’s so dark and unpleasant by the bus stops. Low life congregates there. Ffs RBG, all we need is powerful street lighting. I get no end on mail from men and women who feel uncomfortable waiting for a bus there. I’ve taken to walking down to the bus stop opposite M&S and I’m a strong fit bloke. It’s properly lit there.

  3. CDT

    Good bright street lighting is a good deterrent against crime and anti social behaviour has those responsible tend to congregate in darker light roads and places like alleyways etc.All train stations need to be staffed while trains are operating. Extra security guards may also be required.No good complaining to local MP’s has they never respond to correspondence.

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