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Woolwich Street Feast market opens on 2nd March

Current paving

The operators of a new food market planned for the covered market in Woolwich have announced an opening date of Friday 2nd March.

It’s free entry. Other food and drink markets in London sometimes charge entry at busy times but that won’t happen in Woolwich.

There will be eight food stalls and five bars with a DJ on opening nights (and possibly thereafter).

It’ll be open every Friday from 5pm and every Saturday from noon.

One food stall will be Yum Buns which offer fluffy buns filled with pork belly, Japanese fried chicken or tofu. I’ve had these myself and can vouch how good they are.

Another stall will offer chicken from HenHaus.

There is also a pool deck planned.

Street Feast markets are designed to spend the entire evening in – hence the sizable number of bars.

You’ll probably find me in there on day one.

This shot in the arm for Woolwich should spark a more interesting and varied nightlife – which has already been slowly improving in recent years with great pubs like the Woolwich Equitable and restaurants like Kailash Momo.

Woolwich could well be back on its way to being the thriving “destination” town it was for many previous decades.

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  1. Tronny

    Counting down the days!

    Follow for updates on food vendors and progress on site.

  2. Ndog

    Good shout on Kailash Momo, love it in there!

  3. anonymous201486

    I really wouldn’t want to eat food in such a rundown looking venue. The same applies to the Model Market in Lewisham that also had a ‘street food’ operation. Doubtless, the venture will do well enough as eating is second only to shopping as a leisure activity.

    • ndog

      They have spent thousands doing the place up. It might look drab now, but watch this space.

  4. Nelia

    Have they opened? I forgot about it.

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