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Greenwich Peninsula’s elevated running track makes a dash

Plans have been submitted for the second stage of a 5km running track around Greenwich Peninsula. Stage 1 is currently under construction and due to open in 2018. Stage 2 is due by 2020.

Rather than a bit of paint at ground level, stage 1 is a contemporary version of post-war elevated “streets in the sky” walkways.

It starts at Peninsula Square by the tube station and then rises up and over public space on an elevated track. Areas under the track will see food stalls and cafes.

New riverside block located to rear of shot. Stage 1 of track coincides with it completing in 2018

The track then passes through two riverside blocks of flats currently under construction before reaching the riverside, which Stage 2 will then cover.

Stage 2 hugs the river

New build seen on right

Stage 2 also sees new trees planted along the Thames walkway.

Future stages will see the track loop back around to a new park, then over the Blackwall Tunnel approach road on a Santiago Calatrava designed bridge which is part of the new transport hub revealed earlier this year.

The planning reference is 17/3349/R

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  1. Jim

    Perhaps they could widen the track, and then extend it over the A102 and then take it right along Trafalgar Road into Greenwich – joining it all up to CS4 to Tower Bridge! Then also run it back to Woolwich….. 🙂

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