New Premier Inn and Beefeater opens in Woolwich

New Premier Inn and Beefeater opens in Woolwich

After a long saga getting the building completed, Premier Inn and the associated Beefeater restaurant opened yesterday in Woolwich town centre.

There are 128 rooms which’ll certainly help boost the local economy and bring more money to the town. I like the lighted name above the building and would love to see a lot more striking lighted signs in UK cities.

Courtesy Premier Inn.

The new building also works very well at street level with welcoming active frontages.

The quality of some streets in the vicinity still leave a lot to be desired which isn’t a great first impression for visitors to the town. There is the wonderful (but temporary) adjacent park, yet also things like this just a short stretch along Beresford Street:

Creating a walking and cycle friendly environment still appears to be a long way down the list of priorities for Greenwich Council. The broken railing will probably be replaced at a cost in the high hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Do they even need to still exist there – certainly on a such a wide ranging basis?

Another new-build (the rising Callis Yard tower) is visible behind . That development, along with the hotel, would have brought much money in from developers, as will New Homes Bonus payments from Callis Yard. A post on the New Homes Bonus will appear soon – what it is, how Local Authorities receive it and how much they receive.


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7 thoughts on “New Premier Inn and Beefeater opens in Woolwich

  1. In the renders they have up on the hoarding elsewhere on the Arsenal site the new park looks like it is supposed to completely cover the car park they’ve built behind this building. I wonder whether this is a temporary car park or whether they’ve changed their plans and the park will be smaller and disjointed.

    1. Yes. Walking through the park the other day I also noticed this discrepancy regarding the Premier Inn car park and the projected view of the park.

  2. That’s an old render Mark as the towers on Waterfront’s car park have been altered. Will have to check about the Premier Inn car park

  3. The pelican crossing opposite the Hotel isnow working but the last two times I’ve used the crossing cars have come out of Macbean St ignoring the Don’t Turn Right sign and driving straight through crossing when pedestrians have right of way on the crossing i.e. the green man is lit.

    Some needs to be done or there will be an accident.

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