See the new Powis Street in Woolwich as changes now evident along shopping street

Powis Street in Woolwich has seen new paving laid as the first glimpse of the town’s main shopping street’s transformation can be seen.

As part of a wider £25 million project the street will be remade from the DLR station at Green’s End up to the junction with Hare Street.

Eastern end of Powis Street

I won’t bore everyone by going about the project’s detail again. I’ve been covering it for years and if you want to know more use the search tool above.

It will extend a few hundred metres up to the junction with Hare Street. Work will progress down in coming months and finish near Poundland.

Work will extend here. Trees a legacy of 1990s upgrade. Former up-lighting didn’t last long

I did notice again taking photos the juxtaposition of remaining elements of a previous 1980s town centre revamp (removed in the 1990s as a failure) close to where the 2020s revamp is underway.

Back to the future

We’re going full circle really. And of course, the 1980s raised planter that remains and seen on this visit to capture progress full of rubbish and looking scruffy.

Raised planter is last remnant of 1980s upgrade which 2020s upgrade will mirror

The walk also saw many cars parked on pavements across the town centre.

No sign at all Greenwich departments and senior staff are in a position to maintain these new changes.

Currently the area is poorly maintained. Will changes be looked after?

Much like they never maintained the 1980s changes, then the 1990s changes and then most of the early 2010s changes. Regardless of the wider funding situations they’ve failed.

Latest revamp

And that failure still lives on. Go there tonight and you’ll almost certainly see the same.

A massive shame really as I really want it to work. I’ve seen enough mistakes for years and the town is stuffed full of wonderful buildings and the potential to be a great town centre.

I’m not sure town centre street furniture has had a lick of paint in 30 years

But walking around seeing the state of areas that aren’t to be touched near areas now seeing work it’s was bloody tough to be positive. Come on Greenwich. Get a grip.

As it is Greenwich departments and staff – often supported to the hilt by councillors who never ask tough questions – can’t do the basics. Systemic cultural failure remains.





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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    2 thoughts on “See the new Powis Street in Woolwich as changes now evident along shopping street

    • Yes Greenwich Council – get a grip.
      Cllrs are supposed to hold officers to account for failures.
      Why don’t they do this ? Is it beyond them ?
      Previous Woolwich town centre makeovers have been a failure as newly spruced areas soon fall into disrepair and neglect.
      There is no excuse for this . There are rotas for street cleaning and maintenance.
      And the losers are Woolwich town residents – they deserve better.
      Labour just takes people’s votes for granted – well watch out .
      People are fed up with this dirt and neglect.

    • A revamp is great. But in truth, this isn’t being done for the residents that are currently there. It is to change the image for middle classes to move into all the new high rises that are and will continue to be made. This is gentrification and chasing away of the current community as prices hike.


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