Woolwich DLR closures: MP wants to hear from passengers

Greenwich and Woolwich MP Matt Pennycook is looking for passengers recent experiences of closures of Woolwich Arsneal DLR entrances.

Staff shortages have led to numerous closures of the Powis Street entrance and exit forcing people to use the other on Woolwich New Road which has suffered from overcrowding.

Entrance near Southeastern station – still no development around site after 10 years

The MP stated:

“Woolwich residents, I’m engaged in an ongoing dialogue with TfL about problems at Woolwich Arsenal DLR station and I’m trying to ensure I’m covering all of the main issues of concern.

If you have the time please email me your experiences at matthew.pennycook.mp@parliament.uk”

DLR opened here almost 11 years ago

The DLR is operated by Keolis and Amey in a joint venture named, originally, KeolisAmey. Keolis are a French company with a 35 per cent stake in Southeastern alongside UK company Go-Ahead.

KeolisAmey have a contract to operate the DLR until 2021.



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4 thoughts on “Woolwich DLR closures: MP wants to hear from passengers

  • The very thing Mr. Pennycook should be concentrating on is getting TfL to take over the Southeastern Line.
    We’ve all read about the ‘improved’ ridership at Abbywood, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this is so! It certainly isn’t that thousands have just started catching the train there!
    All we hear about is lack of funding when, in truth, it’s about not capturing lost revenue.
    When the fools who call themselves experts, wake up, and get serious about fate dodging, the money will be found.

  • Perhaps the staff there could stop hunting for the 5 minutes of internet fame.
    They are clearly seeking that viral ‘on the board’ type moment. The daily pearls of wisdom on the information board do nobody any favours and are often regurgitated memes we’ve all seen already anyway/
    It must be time consuming to create these masterpieces each morning. ( FYI, it’s #WWA not #WOA, )
    why not use that time to open entrances, monitor gates instead of leaving them open or get the engineers in to fix the elevator that is ALWAYS broken.
    Perhaps clean the lift that is constantly filthy, as is the over platform walkway.

    People are now more aware that the off chance of hopping a free DLR fare from/to Woolwich is more of a ‘good chance’.

    Who pays for it?
    Us sodding commuters. that’s who!

  • The disabled gate is pretty much always open so if you don’t want to pay it’s easy enough. Tfl must be losing a bomb on the DLR now they’ve taken the Southeastern approach to far revenue. Trains are so busy in the peaks almost no chance of being checked and then every other station is open.

  • I agree the gates need to be properly monitored by staff all the time the station is open from first to last trains. I never see staff by the DLR station entrances.

    The lift and the walkway over the platform are always filthy they needed regular checking and cleaning. Also he escalator needs to be better maintained so it does not breakdown so often.

    But i have to agree 100% with those that mentioned the fare dodging on the Woolwich section of the DLR. If TFL took fare dodging seriously they would see a huge increase in reveune from fares which was once lost to fare dodging.


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