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Jubilee Line trains found with faults and withdrawn: Significant disruption coming

Tube to stop? It seems unthinkable

The Jubilee Line will run a limited services tomorrow morning (Friday 18th October) and is winding down early tonight after a fault has been discovered with trains.

Tomorrow morning’s commute is expected to be extremely busy with station closures possible due to limited train services operating.

There’s no other word on what the exact cause is. London Underground maintenance and engineering workers announced strike action earlier this year over what they claimed was cut backs in maintaining trains.

The RMT stated in May that TfL action will “decimate inspection frequencies beyond all recognition” leading to “major fleet issues”.

TfL have had to battle with an annual £700 million a year cut in funds from central Government announced by then-Chancellor George Osborne (now editing the Evening Standard) in May 2015.

Canning Town

Since then Crossrail delays have hit financial forecasts.

Other forms of transport such as the DLR and Southeastern are expected to be busy.


  1. Charles Calthrop

    Hopefully it’s to install some anti-protestor spikes atop the carriage.

  2. Kai Chung

    I thought all the Jubilee Line Trains were Recently Refurbished, the last train only been done about a fortnight ago – I don’t understand why Newly Refurbished Trains should be breaking down so quickly???

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