Something’s kicking off in Woolwich

A large disturbance occurred in Woolwich tonight with reports of a large crowd facing of against dozens of police.

A crowd became hostile to police making arrests who were reported to have retreated in the area around Kingsman Street.

Police were reported as donning riot gear as numerous vehicles arrived on scene after arrests made.

Courtesy Bernadette Worthington

Police stated: “We were called at 6pm to a report of a fight and people with knives in Lamport Close SE18. Officers attended and found a large group of hostile youths, 4 of whom were arrested for affray.



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    8 thoughts on “Something’s kicking off in Woolwich

    • Personally I hope the police have gotten out of it safely and nothing further happens. Much as people malign the police, think of that kind of riot outside your home and nobody coming to your aid. Whatever is driving the recent uptick in lawlessness, I hope everyone is safe tonight

    • And there’s a Section 60 in force for some of Plumstead as well. What’s going on?

    • I think section 60 needs to put in place until further notice by the Met Police while we continue to fight knife cime around the Borough.

      Also Greenwich Council need to look at more evictions for suspects and their families living in social housing arrested for knife crime and or gang related activties under anti social behavior rules to protect other residents who are law abiding.Many of which are elderly and living in fear due to what is happening in their local communities.

      I know this sounds harsh but we need tougher actions if we are ever going to tackle the growing problem of knife related crimes.

      • The problem with reporting anti-social behaviour is not only the threshold required for action but the fear that the victim may have in making a report. Greenwich Council’s noise team only operate until 1am after which you need to rely on the online form. The Council would have to have the burden of proof – enough to stave off a potential challenge. I’m unsure if they’re obliged to provide alternative accommodation or can literally kick someone out but if the former, it would be probably be a temporary and expensive accommodation. So, better to stall and let the police deal with it.

        I agree wholeheartedly that the Council needs to buck up its ideas but given the rot that sets in with any predominant bloc over the course of years, there is rarely any evidence of action except prolonging survival. Your best defence will always be good relationships with your neighbours and a healthy interest in local council meetings. Fear is a great motivator and you shouldn’t just be on the receiving end of it

    • I am not surprised at all. I am glad I’ve moved out of Woolwich, it’s a dangerous area, unfortunately. I feel sorry for families with kids, elderly people and for youngsters. I totally support and respect the hard work Police Officers do! It’s indeed needed.

    • It is police training in simulated situations – planned to be going on for a little while longer. We’ve been alerted to this by Neighbourhood Watch

      • That’s today. Last night was not training.

    • There’s now a S60 for Charlton, Woolwich Common and Woolwich Riverside wards. Started at 1600.


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