Woolwich traffic changes set to be introduced

Traffic changes in Woolwich are set to be made permanent with Sandy Hill Road becoming one-way northbound.

A council report states the measure will cost £5,000, which involves the stretch between Frederick Place and Crescent Road down to Brookhill Road.

Results from an online survey in February 2021 showed support within the area for restrictions while opposition from outside the area.

Last week I covered plans for demolition of 80 former military homes on Brookhill Road now owned by Hyde, with 263 units proposed.

Also nearby is a huge amount of street clutter and railings. Why there’s so much of it I don’t know, reducing usable footway space:

Courtesy Google

On and on it goes:

Courtesy Google

There’s a slight difference in height in places between the paving and road in places, but this is a poor way to handle it and ensures streets here are pretty ugly.


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    2 thoughts on “Woolwich traffic changes set to be introduced

    • Once again I suspect Greenwich Council has made an off-the-cuff, knee jerk traffic decision without an in depth traffic impact study. No traffic counting machines were ever evident in the area. I live in the immediate area and objected to this measure based on the inevitable fact that most of the existing Southbound traffic will detour North along Brookhill road towards Anglesea Road. Brookhill is effectively a single lane road and Anglesea is most times of the day and night blocked due to illegal parking along the North side of the road. The very congestion they are trying to correct on the Southbound hill is created by their decision to prevent traffic from traversing the town centre towards the A206. The more they struggle it seems, the more they sink into the quicksand.

    • As the lead petitioner I can confirm that at least 1 traffic and impact study has been carried out. This has been an ongoing issue for the last 7 years and has taken this long to convince RBG that there is an issue and to commit to this one way change. Most definitely not a knee jerk reaction. Unfortunately due to the impact of closing Anglesea Road for drives entering Woolwich via the South Circular, for the Tesco build, living on Sandy Hill Road has been a nightmare.Cars mounting the pavement, mopeds and motorbikes driving on them also, stationary traffic due to belligerent drivers, sounding of horns and constant arguments. The road is too small for the amount of traffic and the pavements are not a safe place to be. Pedestrians being hit by traffic whilst on the pavement and two people that I know of being knocked over crossing the road. I do appreciate your concerns on Brookhill Road but as traffic was designed to use Anglesea Road to get out of Woolwich it is just getting it back on route. I did prefer one of the original ideas which was to stop traffic turning into Sandy Hill Road from Woolwich New Road. This would have been an interesting layout.


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