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Plans for new “Wool Yard” market in Woolwich opposite Lidl

Plans are in for a market in Woolwich located to the rear of Iceland and opposite Lidl on Macbean Street. Woolwich Unit Trust are behind the scheme. Other areas of Woolwich will see temporary public realm upgrades.

Proposed market on left with new development behind

The plan is for the market to exist for five to six years. The Callis Yard development can be seen near to the site. The recently opened Premier Inn hotel is a stone’s throw away.

Carl Turner architects are behind the plan. It is based on a similar concept to Model Market in Lewisham and Street Feast locations across London.

It will consist of a number of shipping containers surrounding a central courtyard area. Upper floors will have low-cost office and working areas.

The market differs from the existing outdoor market at Beresford Square in predominately aiming for food and drink stands which will operate later in the evening.

Woolwich’s night time economy has improved in recent years but is still lacking compared to similar towns across London and other UK cities, as well as it what it offered in previous decades until the 1990s.

After five to six years the plan is to build a permanent mixed-use development on the site.

Elsewhere in Woolwich

A number of other schemes are designed to improve some of the more drab public spaces in the town. Examples given are kiosks and lighting strung across the street. Some will be along Powis Street as well as areas off it such as Barnard Close and Macbean Street.

It all seems very positive for the town. These kind of smaller-scale schemes, which are relatively cheap and easy to implement, can be transformative as seen across the country. Waiting for large scale schemes can take many years, if they happen at all. That leads to inertia and decline. These schemes rejuvenate areas.

The planning reference is 17/1986/F


  1. Plumstead Resident

    Hmm, those food markets tend to be pricier than what Woolwich is used to. The only way it will thrive is if residents from the Arsenal visit it.

    The last time a more up market restaurant opened outside the Arsenal it ended in failure e.g. Clockjack. The ones in the Arsenal seem to be doing well e.g. Dial Arch and Tap Room. There’s even the more expensive Con Gusto and Guard House.

    • fromthemurkydepths

      Clockjack was 3x the price of similar stuff with a pretty basic menu and not worth the difference. There’s a big potential audience in the area for a good market. A good meal is only 5-10 quid. There’s a fair few people in their early 20s, got their first job, have a little bit of money to enjoy themselves and live in places like Charlton, Plumstead, Abbey Wood etc and would love to have somewhere decent to go with friends and partners nearby. There’s currently so little its often a drag over to Greenwich or into central London.

      • JJ

        Well said

      • JJ

        Well Said, the pub / Chic Cinema Restaurant at Equitable House on General Gordon Square is nice also and more places like this are needed.

    • Chas

      You can still eat in Mcdonalds while the rest of us enjoy this great use of a dead service yard. I don’t live in the Arsenal and loathe having to go in there every time I want something half decent to eat. Please think carefully before commenting. This is clearly positive and we should all support the application.

  2. ray

    Im moving to woolwich and im sure market like this will help a lot. Some new development in the area is going to complete soon and new faces will start showing up. I dont know how poor the previous resident is but this shoukd not be the problem for us.

  3. WJC

    A development like this couldn’t come any sooner in Woolwich! One was proposed recently in the old Woolwich Market which didn’t come to fruition. I’m surprised by the location of this proposal though, wouldn’t it be better to have it in the old empty schoolyard next to Lidl / Beefeater?

    I currently have to go to Brixton / Rotherhithe / Dalston to visit my friends at a streetfeast market similaer to this, but to have one on our doorstep will be brilliant.

  4. Friends of SE18

    Brilliant. Friends of SE18 have been banging on about bringing this concept to Woolwich for ages. We thought they had ignored us!! We are delighted that they appear to have listened.

  5. CDT

    I support the new market proposals for Woolwich and look forward to the continue regeneration of the area.

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