Woolwich Ferry to close from 6 October to late December

Woolwich Ferry upgrade works mean that the service will stop operating from 6 October until the end of December.

TfL state they do not expect “significant levels of disruption” as drivers head to the Blackwall or Dartford crossings.

We shall see. The areas around Blackwall Tunnel approaches are already seeing substantial developments. Fortunately in some respects, it appears the new Ikea has been delayed to early 2019.

Other developments including St Mary Magdalene school opening in September and many more new homes approaching completion.

New school opens in September. Eventually will see 1,600 pupils

It’ll also be the first full autumn that Brocklebank retail park with Aldi and Primark opened.

New ferries will operate after closure which are more environmentally friendly and feature new technology to aid docking.

A big thanks to Erith and Thamesmead Labour MP Teresa Pearce for letting me know. She’s a wonderful local MP.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    7 thoughts on “Woolwich Ferry to close from 6 October to late December

    • I’ve noticed a good deal more HGV traffic in the last few months using places like Humber Road as a cut-through to try to stave off Woolwich Road traffic until the last minute. The ferry traffic may not be much but it will be punishing on the houses nearby that will be affected by the vibrations of a few hundred of these vehicles making their way to the tunnel.

      • What, Humber Road being used as a cut through by HGV vehicles? The road is barely wide enough for two cars to pass.

        There is no chance that the Blackwall Tunnel will be unaffected by the closure of the ferry. I have seen the amount of traffic that ferries carry and it is significant.

        • Indeed. Until the last year or so it was mostly used for people wishing to speed up to the junction at Vanbrugh Hill before cutting back dowb to the junction. The last few months I’ve noticed a good number of HGVs – usually 2 axle but sometimes the rigid 3-axle tipper trucks will make their way happily. Typically they do this right up to half six and for any savvy drivers seeing the queues that form along the 102 at that hour it’s not surprising.

          As for width, until the late 80s the rail replacement double deckers would turn at Westcombe Hill onto Humber Road and drive up and around to Station Crescent before rejoining the Hill. As lunatic as the closure will be, at least IKEA isn’t open yet…

    • The closure is not good if you’re driving a truck that is too high for the northbound Blackwall tunnel. Hope they add to the warnings in a variety of languages.

    • Maybe the time they’re closed for would be a good opportunity to sort out the road structure around there? Queues for the ferry completely gridlock the area in all directions, when a few simple changes to the roads would help massively. And the ferry staff could also start helping by directing people into the car park instead of standing around watching tempers fray.

    • Last time ferry staff assisted by guiding traffic to the ferry it caused more delays than if it were left to drivers’ own decisions. A van or lorry sitting on the ‘Keep Clear’ parts of the roundabout causes everything to snarl up. Then there are the drivers wanting to go onto the ferry, but stop on the inside lane of the roundabout, blocking the way for anyone wanting to go East. All this could do with being sorted out while the ferry is closed.

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