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Plans for housing at Victoria pub site in Charlton

Plans have been submitted to restore the Victoria pub and attach housing the the rear. This revised plan follows earlier proposals to demolish the handsome building on Woolwich Road.

The developers do not seem keen on restoration judging by comments in planning documents. In their defence, it seems Greenwich planners overlooked the building’s merit initially and only spotted it was worth fighting for after plans were submitted.

People locally then called for retention. I covered it here. It’s lucky they did or it would now be rubble instead of seeing refurbishment. The plan is to convert to a take away though as long as the wonderful exterior is retained it’s worth it. And when 7,500+ homes are built in the area there’s great scope for a new pub.

It’s in pretty awful condition though. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall down before this plan gets underway.

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  1. Joe

    Glad that there are plans to retain this building, Driving past on a daily basis its in a very sad state but could be lovely if saved and restored.

  2. Dianne Pearson

    Whilst working for Costains on the Thames Barrier ( in the offices) the Vic (as we called it then) was the pub that was used by the staff. We had most of our “dos” in there. . The atmosphere was great, the company good as was the staff. The only trouble in the bar was the floor which was uneven and one felt as if they were tipsy. Great memories of good times were had in here !!!!

  3. Stu

    Sorry a take away? Why not a pub??!!! I’ll be there..

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