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250 more homes planned at another Charlton Riverside masterplan site

Overview of Masterplan site

This is a return to something approaching normality as today’s post looks at an early planning application submitted for 250 homes in Charlton.

It’s part of the Charlton Riverside masterplan site which now looks to provide 8,000 homes on industrial land. Aitch Group are behind the plan.

Courtesy Google

The exact site is “Land at Nos. 61-81 and Coopers Yard Eastmoor Street, and Nos. 6 & 10 Westmoor Street, Charlton, London, SE7 8LX” and comprises “a mix of industrial units, including a scrap metal yard, vehicle repair garages, car breakers and metal castings.”

These are very early stages seeking the authorities feedback, and given it conforms to the Masterplan it’s likely to move onto future stages without a hitch. Well, the economy is tanking right now and house prices are predicted to fall at least 20 per cent, but in the mid to long term it gives an outline of what to expect.

There would be 32 car parking spaces on site as things stand.

Click here to view documents.


  1. CDT

    I hope the planning stages will now be quick as we hopefully recover from the Coronavirus outbreak so people employed in the construction industry and associated suppliers who have been laid off can returned to work.

    We also need to train more people in the construction industry so more construction projects can go ahead building the much needed homes and commercial units.

  2. Graham

    I agree CDT once we get over this nasty dreadful virus we need to try to get back to some normaility as quickly as possible. We will need to kick start our economy again.

    The construction retail, hospitality and the NHS are some of the industries that will need staff as we start to return to normal.

    We will also need to help many people who have sadly lost their jobs due to the coronavirus to re=train for new careers in other industries and also in self employment.

    Sadly many employers are still laying people off due to the coronavirus.

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