Crayford’s 559-home development near station has been sold

A major development in Crayford has been approved after planning permission was granted.

Previously approved plans for 359 homes were bumped up to 559 and given the green light in April this year. The site sits close to Crayford station, the greyhound track and near Sainsburys.

Design is pretty generic but serves a growing need

The sale came as bit of a surprise as I’d pencilled this one in as a site that will take some time to be developed.

It still may of course, but the sale certainly means things are a step closer. Skillcrown gained approval and have since sold to Square Roots. Square Roots have previously gained grant funding from the Greater London Authority.

The company was set up by developer London Square to build “affordable” homes and has thousands planned.

Silver Street site at bottom left

One site nearing completion is Silver Street in Lewisham with 141 homes.

The Crayford project will build upon the former Electrobase site. Greenery will remain and the Crayford Rough expand in size.

Homes focused to east of site

A riverside path will also be created beside the River Cray.

What most residents would probably like is the return of rounder trains from Crayford station to Abbey Wood for Elizabeth line services but government rail cuts have put paid to that save a handful in the early morning.

Crayford station

Crayford also lost half its trains to Charing Cross for much of the day and the station is barely staffed.

Head to Dartford then change to a train to Abbey Wood? Southeastern also cut their services from Dartford to Abbey Wood in half after the DfT and Treasury demanded reductions.

Parking levels at the new development are 0.4 per home meaning public transport will be the main method for travelling for thousands of residents.

Perhaps by the time it completes there won’t be a government – of whatever party – so hell bent on cuts to public transport.

The recent sale of the site to an organisation now means work is likely to happen pretty soon.


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