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Housing plans across Bexley borough submitted

A number of small-scale planning applications have been recently made for new homes across Bexley borough.

Starting in Bexley itself, there’s plans for 10 homes at Tanyard Lane on a car repair centre at a site adjacent to Bexley station car park. Six houses and four flats are planned.

The planning reference is 18/00606/FULM


Plans for seven homes on Crayford Way have been submitted.

All seven homes planned are flats. The planning reference is 18/00579/FUL


Another seven flats are on at Filston Road in Erith. It’s a site close to Erith Quarry where 600 homes are eventually planned.

The site is currently disused garages. The planning reference is 18/00521/FUL

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  1. Yvonne Carroll

    Please no more flats in Crayford!!!!!
    If new housing needs to be built – then build a house for a family!

    Too many flats already.

  2. Jo

    Really!!! more flats in crayford!! This is getting ridiculous. The local schools are already bursting at the seams as well as the doctors surgeries. This is not a very good move for the community.

  3. anonymous201486

    Have you never been to central Lewisham and seen the towering blocks and long terraces of new flats? Two more multi-storey blocks are to be squeezed onto the former Tesco Lewisham ‘s car park and platform 4 of the station.

    Councillors seem powerless to stop the wholesale concreting over of the landscape.

  4. anonymous201486

    Did the council reject both the proposed towers?

  5. anonymous201486

    Found the answer. Let’s see what the developer comes back with by way of an improved scheme.

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