Lewisham town centre development latest – as seen in daytime

A quick update now as many people seem to be interested in the ever changing face of Lewisham and my last post only featured photos by night.

Which weren’t the best.getliving 

Today you can have a gander at a smattering of pics by day taken passing through.

Residential above commercial space

The last residential part of Lewisham Gateway phase two to see cladding applied is this block lining the street beside busy stops.

Commercial units will face the street upon completion. Get Living don’t appear to have updated the forthcoming shop and restaurant list. The future of a cinema unit being built remains up in the air.

The tower located close to the former Citibank tower is all but complete with floor-to-ceiling glazing on a podium which should make it an interesting spot to look out and people watch.

Catching the late evening sun 

Lewisham’s Citibank tower has for some reason seen all lights on at times recently.

Many plans have been and gone since the bank vacated while more concrete appears to fall off the façade.

Whenever covering Lewisham the issue of roads and narrow pavements arises. This shot shows work on public space which leads to a pedestrian only route through the site set to be lined with shops and commercial space.

Pedestrian-only route from station through site to open

As stated above this is just a brief update so a quick few images of a couple of sites.

Meyer Homes’ tower near Tesco still isn’t complete with progress looking limited in recent weeks –

Beside Lewisham station

In total that site – approved on appeal – will see 365 homes.

Last but not least here’s an image taken from the train of a major Lewisham estate rebuild. This has seen two adjacent sites at Lethbridge and Heathside demolished.

The final phase is now almost complete.

Estates rebuild at top of hill

When complete the site will total 1,225 homes across six phases.

Many of these sites are as good as complete so it’s a matter of months rather than years until occupied.


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    4 thoughts on “Lewisham town centre development latest – as seen in daytime

    • What an awful, ugly eyesore. The more this development goes on the worse it looks. What have they done to Lewisham! You used to be able to see the DLR logo from Hilly Fields years ago, now it is blocked from view.

    • I was born and bred in Lewisham in the late 60s I have lots of memories of growing up there and loved it .
      It’s a shame to see what they have done to it and how awful it looks 😔 Hideous buildings dreadful design .

    • I grew up near Lewisham in the 80s and 90s – left London in 2009. Recently I went back on the train past Lewisham and it was unrecognisable – looked more like Croydon!


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