New homes coming to former Tesco sites at Dartford, Woolwich and Lewisham

Developer Meyer Homes are looking to build a large number of homes at various sites they recently acquired from Tesco. The most advanced scheme is at Dartford, with 500 homes planned:

teaso site new plans july 2016

It’ll be a nice boost for the town after Tesco helped ruin it after 15 years prevaricating. Dartford is one of those towns with masses of vacant or underused space in the centre that any rational development policy would see becoming residential, and fast. The town is only half an hour from central London. Of course it needs more and longer trains alongside, as does all the south east of London, but that’s not an impossible task.

There are a number of developments just north of the station, as I covered back in early 2015. But progress is glacial, as usual with the big housing developers. And there’s little coming to the masses of empty land south of the station. Many more homes mean many more people living in the town centre, and a chance to rejuvenate the town centre which has taken a battering since Bluewater opened.

These kinds of town have stagnated under Blair and Brown, then Cameron and Osbourne. Will the new Prime Minister and Chanceller finally get the UK building again, which means more intervention from local and central government given the abject failure of private developers and Housing Associations?


Over in Lewisham, Meyer plan a tower beside the station. Surely Southeastern will have to re-open the entrance at the north of the station they recently closed despite passenger numbers shooting up? Or, as seems likely, TfL will takeover by 2018 and it becomes London Overground, and then hopefully they’ll push it forward.

meyer 3

How will this impact upon plans for a new station for a Bakerloo line extension? The existing station is already creaking at the seams and new builds will surround on all sounds.

meyer 2

Lower rise blocks are shown above on the western edge of the Tesco car park.

In Woolwich plans seem a bit further behind. This is all that’s shown:


Very little detail here. It looks very similar to Tesco’s refused scheme, except there isn’t a tower at the closest corner. We know that over 700 homes are planned here.


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0 thoughts on “New homes coming to former Tesco sites at Dartford, Woolwich and Lewisham

  • Does this mean Lewisham Tesco is closing to be replaced with more flats? That’d be a shame. (Never thought I’d say that about a Tesco!) ps I continue to enjoy your blog – so thanks!

  • No plans to close the Tesco. They probably realised 1000s on doorstep will make up for less visits by car. Or will better utilise existing car park and make it multi-storey – though that would have worked better before selling other land.

  • Where did you get your images from for Lewisham development.
    A redevelopment across the tracks has just been filed [] and when I went to the public exhibition for that I was told that TfL are looking into creating a Bakerloo Line station box underneath the new bus station with the likely possibility of over-site development.

  • I bet the occupants of the two tiny cottages at the foot of the proposed Lewisham tower are thrilled. talk about overlooking!

    • Poor people. Don’t worry. They’ll be rehoused.

      In Luton or maybe Chatham.

      Which is still better than sending them to the colonies.

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  • I think you meant “procrastinating” rather than ‘prevaricating’ in line 4 … tho’ Tesco’s might have been doing both!


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