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Crime, Dartford

London bus on route 96 attacked in Dartford

Side window smashed

A 96 bus  had windows shattered after being attacked with rocks near Darenth Valley Hospital this evening.

The bus had left the Darenth Valley Hospital stop and heading towards Dartford when a number of rocks were thrown.

Door also smashed

The bus is out of service for repairs with passengers shaken. The driver was praised for his response.

Rock in disabled bay

If anyone has any information contact police on 101.



  1. Graham Parker

    We call them stones on this side of the Atlantic. Or was that band that came out of Dartford called the Rolling Rocks?

  2. CDT

    Well done to the driver on this 96 bus for his response to yet another dangerous mindless incident which could have endangered lives to the driver the passengers on the bus and other road users and pedestrians if the bus had an accident.

    This is a very serious incident which cannot be taken lightly. These idiots need to be caught and dealt with by Police and Courts. Then their parents and the culprits need to pay damages to Stagecoach London for damage to the bus and for the time the bus is out of service and cannot by used out of their earnings or benefits. This needs to be on top of any other fines or punishment issued by the Courts for this mindless crime.

  3. Graham

    Does not matter if it is stones or rocks this kind of behaviour is stupid, dangerous and not acceptable under any circumstances. .

    Criminal damage is no laughing matter. If a stone had gone through the window and hit the bus driver it could have been a very serious incident.

  4. Samuel

    Exactly the same happened to me on the 96 in crayford on my way home at 10pm a month ago. So dangerous for everyone, driver and passengers

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